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 What to do if you're under attack

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What to do if you're under attack Empty
PostSubject: What to do if you're under attack   What to do if you're under attack I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 02, 2013 10:46 am

Prevention is better than cure! If you fleet save well and don’t leave resources lying around, you reduce your chances of attack.

Check the Fleetsaving guide

1) Try and ninja.
DO NOT message your attacker until you are a sure a ninja isn't possible.

See if a ninja is possible, check who is online in the alliance or if there is a high ranked fleeter nearby that would possibly be willing to help you, when you msg your alliance mates, include the arrival time of the attack and how many ships and of what type.

Open up or and add in your defenses, ships etc.
Move to your furthest/newest planet so you don't create activity on the planet being attacked.
Sim it and wait for a reply from your fleetmates as to what they have and add it into the sim to see if a defense is doable.
Try not to create any activity on your homeworld or change anything like resources or ships.
If any ships are still returning to this planet and you dont think you have activity then it can be better to just let them land and don't change anything else, since they will see a star on your planet and realise what it was.

2) Get them to recall
Communication is the key!!!!!
Be polite - let your attacker know you are online and please could they recall. Be polite and/or funny.
Say something like: sorry I would have asked you to recalled sooner, but I was watching videos of kittens on "youtube".

They may recall and you don’t need to fleet save, which saves loads of deuterium. If they refuse, do the best you can to keep damage to a minimum. If they recall, say thank you. BE POLITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is very important and one of the keys to success!

3) Minimise the damage
Remember to ALWAYS leave one fleet slot free for emergency getaways. It is very important!

Resources - they can be hidden in a number of ways.
Start processing research and buildings. This gives you two places to hide resources in and you can cancel the process afterward to get the resources back. Remember to pick research or buildings that will take (preferably) the longest and take the most resources (longer than the attack otherwise you can’t get the resources back). You will have the points though Think about the best options to hide the maximum resources, but leave enough deuterium to get your fleet off the ground.

You can also build ships and defense. BUT - You can’t cancel this so once they are in the shipyard queue that’s it! If you are building defense they may be at risk from the incoming attack, but they may also help to protect your planet if they are building fast enough. Check with Speedsim.

Switch your resources and/or power to zero. This will stop the mines producing any more resources, only do this is there isn't enough room in your dens to hide the production you will have until the attack hits.

Load up any remaining resource onto your ships and send all your ships on a deployment mission to your nearest colony at 10% speed (this will save on deut). And, again put your resources production down to 0%. You can recall once the attack is over. If you are on a moon, even better. Just ship to a debris field. If you are brave enough to leave launch until just before the attack, the attacker will get away with virtually nothing.

With a phalanx attack, things are a bit more tricky. You can still resource save. If you have recyclers, send them to arrive at the debris field one second behind the attack. It will need to be that close as your attacker will have tried to do the same. If you’re lucky you will get some or all of the debris from the attack. (this is my favorite!)

If the attacker is more than 5 seconds behind your fleet, you could relaunch. However, you’ll need to practice. Make sure there is enough deut for this if you want to give this a go.

Ask the attacker to recall. Keep it polite/funny, its worth a try.

If your fleet is bringing back resources, you could hide that in research or buildings. This could only take seconds and reduce your losses.

Finally ..
If your fleet gets destroyed, be pleased that you did all you could to prevent it and don't forget that this player was simply doing what you have done loads of times before. :mrgreen:
If you switch on your computer and all the fun is over, well, that’s oGame for you. You can either rebuild or switch to building mines/research for a while.
And who knows? You could have a moon!
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What to do if you're under attack
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