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PostSubject: fleetsaving   Mon Jul 01, 2013 8:34 pm

If you don't have a moon.
1) Recalled deployment: you send all your ships on a deployment mission from 1 planet to another, usually at 10%-30%, if you can at say lunch time, hit the recall button so it comes back when you get home. A less safe method is to have the deployment arrive at your other planet 30 mins or so after you come home, so you have a chance to hit recall if someone phalanxes you. There are no other safe ways to fleetsave if you don't have a moon.

If you do have a moon.
1) Moon to moon deployment
This is the safest way to fleetsave, even if they destroy your target moon using deathstars, the fleet will return via recalled deployment as soon as the destination moon is destroyed at the speed you sent it at. So he still has to guess what time and what speed you sent deployment at, if he also destroys the moon you sent from, it will be invisible on lanx and will return to the planet instead.

2) Colonisation mission from a moon.
Assuming you can't colonise any more planets, send all your fleet on a colonise mission to an empty slot such as slot 1 or slot 15, this is the second best way to fleetsave. If they know roughly when you normally fleetsave, they can destroy your moon then phalanx your planet and see when it will return to your planet.

3) Recycle mission to an invis DF: find an inactive that has 0 defense, send a probe on an attack mission to make an invis DF then send your fleet to recycle the invis DF. There is a small chance someone has this inactive on his buddylist and will ACS defend and attack to create a DF here to make the DF visible. If they know roughly when you normally fleetsave, they can destroy your moon then phalanx your planet and see when it will return to your planet.

Its a good idea to leave 2 recyclers, around 10k deut and a colony ship on a moon or planet in case you mess up and some of your fleet comes back at the wrong time due to an expo coming back sooner or later or send all your recyclers out for a DF of a really nice hit then forget you are still going to need a recycler to fleetsave the rest of your fleet
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PostSubject: Re: fleetsaving   Fri Apr 14, 2017 9:57 pm

If you are able, split your fleet into two or more subfleets when sending it out for a fleetsave.  This works very well if you happen to have a substantial fleet that would require quite a bit to crash it.  If you do this, don't be a n00b and send out all cargos and light fighters on one mission, then all heavy warships on another.  Basically, split your fleet into half, or thirds, or quarters, etc.  You get the idea.  Also, don't send them out too far apart.  This is a speed universe and you don't want the attacker to be able to have his fleet return and be able to relaunch on your remaining fleets.
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